Safeguard your
Store and staff

Guarding your store with a connected system of AI Cameras and safety agents for quick response

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Secures you like nobody else

Stay in control of your security setup and know about everything that is happening on your property
Monitor your store cameras from anywhere
KNOW WHAT’s happening
All updates about your property and people security at one place
Make your system fool-proof
Instruct our guards to perform tasks for your store

Securing your business, your livelihood

Experience security that's proactive, precise, and always on point
Intelligent Eyes on Your Business
With cutting-edge sensors and algorithms, AI Cam doesn’t just see; it understands. From recognising faces to detecting suspicious activities, it keeps a vigilant eye on your store
Stay on top of everything that matters
Stay informed and alert with real-time updates on your store’s security status, directly to your device, wherever you are
Safety agents to help you with any store tasks
Our safety agents are available 24*7 to assist you with any store activities like managing queues outside the store or helping you with opening or closing the shutter
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Keeps you safe

Like nothing else out there.

Identify Threats

56 AI Cam One is equipped with advanced sensors that detect a range of activities, ensuring even subtle incidents don't slip through unnoticed.

Suspicious person outside a house in the dark, possibly attempting a break-in, captured by 56 Secure AI Cam One with AI intruder detection
Interpret Situation

Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, the camera interprets detected motions, going beyond mere identification to understand the implications for your security.

Ambarella chipset powers 56 Secure AI Cam One for ultra-fast processing, advanced algorithms, and precise motion detection capabilities
Initiate Emergency Response

Following the analysis, the camera responds swiftly to potential threats by triggering an alarm or activating a specific response from linked devices.

AI Siren activated on 56 Secure AI Cam One as intruder is detected, providing threat detection, automated alarms, and synchronized response
Investigate Incident

Our command centre not only reviews every alert but can also deter potential intruders in real time through the 56 AI Cam One's two-way communication feature.

Command Center agent reviewing alerts from 56 Secure AI Cam One, marking them Safe or SOS to deter potential threat, with 2-way communication
Intervene and mitigate the threat

In the event of an emergency, our command centre collaborates with security agents to physically intervene, ensuring your premises stay secure.

56 Secure Safety agent on high-speed vehicle, arriving at subscriber's location within 2 mins for emergency response and premise security

Always Safe, Always Connected

One tap SOS connects you to our rapid response team, ensuring immediate intervention and support
Use Safety on the Move while traveling to remain under our protective umbrella, receiving assistance whenever needed
Real-time location sharing feature to view real-time positions, ensuring you always know they're safe.
Share access to your security system allowing trusted individuals to keep an eye out when you can't.

Make your security more robust

Once you are in the 56 ecosystem, you get access to all our security services whenever you need them

A range of the best security devices that you can add to your setup
Trained security professionals keep an eye on your property when you are away
Deploy trained guards or care takers for your property when you need them
AI Camera
Attendance, Face recognition and many more packs that you can add to your setup
Customised security services for your events, background check of guards etc.
Integrations with third party devices like boom barriers, smoke detectors etc

At the centre of it all

Cameras operate autonomously and store all data on the device
Data on the secure app remains encrypted on your device
All guards deployed by us go through thorough background checks
Complete control over all the devices deployed on your site

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes 56 Secure different from other security services?

56 Secure combines advanced AI technology with professionally trained guards, offering a unique blend of human vigilance and technological precision to ensure unparalleled security for your business.

How does the AI Cam enhance my home's security?

AI Cam is equipped with intelligent sensors and algorithms that not only detect but also interpret activities. It provides real-time alerts, night vision, and a 10-day video history, among other features, to offer comprehensive security coverage.

Can I monitor the security of my home remotely?

Absolutely! With our mobile app, you can receive instant notifications, monitor guard and visitor activities, and even communicate through the AI Cam from anywhere in the world

How does 56 Secure ensure the reliability of the guards?

Our guards are handpicked from top agencies and undergo extensive training and certification. We also use a guard app for accurate attendance tracking, active location monitoring, and smart sleep alerts to ensure they are always alert and on duty.

How does the visitor management system work?

Our system efficiently tracks and manages all visitor entries and exits in real-time, providing you with instant updates and allowing swift intervention in case of any issues.

Is there a contract or long-term commitment required?

Our plans are flexible with various contract options to suit your business needs.

How do I get started with 56 Secure?

Getting started is easy! Simply reach out to us through our contact form and a representative will guide you through the setup process

What support is available if I face issues with the service?

We offer 24/7 customer support to address any concerns or issues you might have with our services. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you