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Safety Agents for Personal Safety
Expertly Trained Guards: Our team of professionally trained security personnel is equipped to swiftly respond to any threats, ensuring the safety of your event.

Vigilant Security Presence: With constant monitoring and patrolling, we maintain a secure environment, ready to handle any situation for the safety of all attendees.
Live Event Monitoring
Advanced AI Surveillance: Our state-of-the-art AI cameras provide comprehensive surveillance, covering every corner of the venue for total security.

Remote Monitoring Access: Stay connected and monitor event security in real-time from any location via your device, ensuring complete oversight.
Safety Agents with Dog squad
Multi-Skilled Teams: Agents trained in first aid, fire safety, and asset protection, accompanied by trained dogs for enhanced security.

Deterrent and Response: The presence of a dog squad acts as a powerful deterrent to potential threats and assists in quick response.
Safety response vehicles
Immediate Assistance: On-site safety response vehicles ready to provide quick escort or movement of guests if needed.

Emergency Readiness: Equipped for rapid deployment in case of emergency, ensuring guest safety.
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We take complete care of your event security

Entry Control: Strictly authorised access only.
Crowd Management: Efficiently prevent crowding and queuing.
Guest Safety: Ensured safety throughout the event grounds.
24x7 Surveillance: Continuous, robust monitoring.

Focus on the event,
We take care of safety and security

Before Event

Guest Briefing and Safety
We handle everything, from guest registration to safety briefings to check-in identification

During Event

Complete Event Security
Get safety agents, AI camera monitoring and safety response vehicles for complete security

After event

Personal Safety
Security intervention on a tap, during or after event, when in need of assistance
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Cutting-edge AI security camera features
AI Cameras equipped with facial and pattern recognition triggers actin from the Quick Response Team instantly.
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