SOS and Emergency Response System

One tap SOS connects you to our rapid response team, ensuring immediate intervention and support. Reliable, fast, and there when you need it most.

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Under 5 mins

Press SOS when you need help

Use the SOS feature in the 56 Secure whenever you feel unsafe or need emergency assistance

Suspicious person outside a house in the dark, possibly attempting a break-in, captured by 56 Secure AI Cam One with AI intruder detection
On call assistance to understand your situation

Our network operating centre immediately calls you to understand your situation and gives you on call assistance

Ambarella chipset powers 56 Secure AI Cam One for ultra-fast processing, advanced algorithms, and precise motion detection capabilities
Safety agent arrives at your location

Our professionally trained safety agents arrive at your location under 5 mins

56 Secure Safety agent on high-speed vehicle, arriving at subscriber's location within 2 mins for emergency response and premise security

We’ve got you covered

Upgrade Your Home Safety
Instantly detect and address emergencies or threats within your home, ensuring immediate action and minimising risks to your family's safety
Highly-Trained Security Personnel
Our security guards undergo rigorous training to ensure they are equipped to handle emergencies with the utmost precision, care, and swiftness.
Found my lost puppy
My puppy went missing when I reached home. I got really scared and immediately tapped on the SOS. Their team coordinated and found him In less than 19 mins.
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First of it’s kind, physical security intervention at a tap

Just tap SOS on the app and get a safety agent in 3 minutes to assist you during any emergency, both in and out of your home

Your First Responders

Proactive. Reliable. Quick.
Ready to help you with any issue. No questions asked.
Proactive security checks to prevent crimes before they happen.
Rapid response in 3 mins.
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