Ensure Your Home's Safety from Anywhere

Get real-time alerts wherever you are, keeping your home secure and your mind at ease. Your home's safety travels with you.

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The world’s First Fully automated security like never before

The world’s first truly automated security that combines human intelligence, smart AI cameras, and real-time patrol agents to keep you safe without your intervention.
Press SOS when you need help

Use the SOS feature in the 56 Secure whenever you feel unsafe or need emergency assistance

Suspicious person outside a house in the dark, possibly attempting a break-in, captured by 56 Secure AI Cam One with AI intruder detection
On call assistance to understand your situation

Our network operating centre immediately calls you to understand your situation and gives you on call assistance

Ambarella chipset powers 56 Secure AI Cam One for ultra-fast processing, advanced algorithms, and precise motion detection capabilities
Safety agent arrives at your location

Our professionally trained safety agents arrive at your location under 5 mins

56 Secure Safety agent on high-speed vehicle, arriving at subscriber's location within 2 mins for emergency response and premise security

Proactive Home Protection : AI-Driven Monitoring System

The Next Era of Home Security and Surveillance
Experience top-tier security and privacy with our system, utilising advanced processing and computer vision for accurate detection without constant monitoring.
Regular updates of your home
Get real-time updates on the app every time our safety agents inspect your house. Be assured with security checks done every 2 hrs.
Enhance Home Security
Quickly recognize and confirm any unusual activities or movements within your home, ensuring only safe and expected actions take place, thereby minimising potential security threats
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Starting your journey towards a safer home?

Experience effortless installation with 56 AI CCTV cameras for enhanced monitoring, and the added assurance of an SOS feature for immediate emergency support for residents.

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