Experience the New standard of Property Security

We unite the best in guards and surveillance technology, ensuring your security is nothing short of top-notch.
AI Powered Cameras for the modern apartment

AI Cams are integrated with edge hardware, and stand out against market cameras who merely just record.

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Simplify Visitor Management with Facial Recognition

Say goodbye to hassle at the gate! Our AI Cams with advanced facial recognition technology streamlines visitor access.

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Seamless Vehicle Entry + Boom Barrier Integration

Streamline vehicle entry with our Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) paired with boom barrier integration

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Professionally Trained Security Guards

PSARA-certified professionals with rigorous screening and specialised are ready to safeguard your society.

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Complete Transparency over Guard Activities

Take control of your society's safety with full transparency over guard activities. Trust in a system designed to prioritise your safety

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Advanced Security Solutions for your Society

A constantly evolving set of AI features to keeps your Society safe.
Get Rapid response in urgent situations
Simplify Guard Management with Advanced Technology
Detailed Visitor Management
Night Patrolling for peace of mind
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