Experience the New standard of Property Security

We unite the best in guards and surveillance technology, ensuring your security is nothing short of top-notch.
Intelligent Surveillance

Implement 24x7 automatic surveillance to monitor complete restaurant view, ensuring continuous oversight and security.

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Employee Management, Streamlined

Accurately track and manage staff attendance, reducing administrative burdens and fostering a more efficient, productive workplace environment

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Eliminate Brawls and Customer Fights

Get Advanced security with our trained security personnel and smart surveillance systems, delivering tight security for your property

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Improve Restaurant Operations

Get actionable insights on store operations like footfall analytics and material movement tracking for increased efficiency

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Crowd Management Simplified

On demand weekend crowd management and bouncer protection for events

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Advanced Security Solutions for your Resturant

A constantly evolving set of AI features to keeps your Resturant safe.
Real-time analytics insights for efficient management
Safety Agents for Real Time Protection and Assistance
Image alerts to identify and mitigate threats
Emergency Assistance for all situations
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