Experience the New standard of Property Security

We unite the best in guards and surveillance technology, ensuring your security is nothing short of top-notch.
Prevent Theft & Break-Ins

Protect your Institute with our watchful security team and modern surveillance tech, ensuring top-notch security.

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Track Staff & Student Attendance

Effortlessly manage staff and student attendance with our all-in-one system, simplifying administrative duties.

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Control Campus Access

Utilise intelligent facial and vehicle recognition to regulate access to your campus, maintaining a comprehensive record of entries and exits.

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Enhanced Campus Surveillance

Implement round-the-clock automated surveillance to monitor the entire campus, ensuring continuous supervision and safety.

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Advanced Security Solutions for your Institution

A constantly evolving set of AI features to keeps your Institution safe.
Get Rapid response in urgent situations
Monitor Students Movements on Campus
Rapid Detection to Unauthorised Entry and Suspicious Activities
Advanced staff attendance tracking with facial recognition
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