Experience the New standard of Property Security

We unite the best in guards and surveillance technology, ensuring your security is nothing short of top-notch.
Eliminate theft and pilferage

Secure your factory with our vigilant security staff and advanced surveillance technology, ensuring an unbreachable level of protection.

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Improve Site Operations

Gain valuable insights into your operations, such as analyzing production processes and monitoring material movement, to improve overall efficiency.

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Enhance Site Security with Intelligent Access Control

With face and vehicle detection features, control access to your site and keep log of all entries and exits in your property

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Transform security with Smart Surveillance

Implement 24x7 automatic surveillance in critical zones with immediate intervention capabilities

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Detailed material movement tracking for entry and exit record of inventory

Keep careful records of when materials come in and go out. Regularly update and reconcile records for real-time inventory management.

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Advanced Security Solutions for your Factory

A constantly evolving set of AI features to keeps your Factory safe.
Guard Visibility with Advanced Management Systems
Improve Vehicle & Parking Management
Detect and Respond to Potential Threats
Remote Intrusion Detection and deterrence
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