Our Story

56 is a company that believes security is for all. We bring together technology and advancements from various sectors to provide effective, affordable and complete protection for millions of people, just like you, across the country.

It all began when Troels, Sacheth and Harshit, who met while working at Ola, saw the need for reliable and trustworthy security in India. They came together and used their background in technology-based systems building, smart apps and data sciences, to make security automated and easily accessible. Keeping people safer, and protecting homes and
businesses became their mission.

Meet the team:

Troels Licht

Co-founder and CEO

In charge of overall strategy and ensures that his team provides excellent products and services to every customer and partner. He says, ‘Our successes are to the credit of the entire team. Our failures are my failures.’

Harshit Sharma

Co-founder and CTO

the go-to-guy for all things tech related. He oversees all the software, infrastructure, hardware development, Machine Learning and core AI implementation that goes into making 56’s products all that they are

Sacheth Kadam

Co-founder and CTO

Co-founder and Head of Product and Growth, handles business growth, product vision and strategy. He is constantly ideating and strategizing on how to better 56’s products and keep his customers secure. He is a firm believer in security being a universal right for all, no matter where they are.